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Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of pipe rehab that is used for the replacement of existing and deteriorated pipe with a new pipe of the same or larger diameter. It is quite different to pipe lining as it actually installs a brand new pipe where the old one was. Pipe bursting is an economical method of rehabilitation for sewer drainage and other lines as it involves less excavation and disruption and eliminates the need for pipe welding on-site. Pipe bursting is an excellent option where pipes have major displacement or major collapse and lining is not viable.

Prepared line ready for installation

Prepared line ready for installation



Pipe bursting essentially shatters the existing pipe as a new pipe is pulled through behind a bursting head. The new pipe and bursting head are installed from an entry pit which can be created, or existing structures such as manholes can be used to reduce the amount of excavation needed. The bursting head is attached to the new pipe which is pulled through the existing pipe by a cable located at an exit pit. Fins on the bursting head shatter the existing pipe along the entire circumference revealing the new line.

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Pipebursting is becoming one of the leading Trenchless Technologies for the replacement of old and undersized sewers and those too deteriorated for pipe lining.  Significant increases in size can also be achieved with this technology. 

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